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Lippizans, the oldest ceremonial horse breed in Europe, originated in Lippiza, a small village near Triest. The original stud-farm was founded in 1580 for the royal family of the Hapsburgs under the following principles:

" ... here the best horses are to be bred for trotting in Kaiser's court. They are to be the most excellent and most tolerant horses. They are to walk on hard and rocky surfaces, where little grass grows."

Hungarian breeding of Lippizaners dates back to 1806, and is centered around the 800 meter high Bükk Plateau. This environment is ideally suited to the breed, and young colts are kept here until they are 3 years old. The Lippizaners bred around the village of Szilvásvárad are those most suited for carriage-use, to which the many awards won by Hungarians in international carriage competions will attest.

A full-range of horse-related activities and accomodations/board are available:

  • Stud farm visits (by carriage, if desired): Hungarian National Stud Farm &/or private stud farms.

  • Horse shows.

  • Tours on horseback.

  • Carriage-driving courses.

  • Dressage instruction.

  • Horse camps for children.

  • Riding-school training for beginners through advanced riders.

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